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TorrentRaptors is the home of multiple advanced p2p file sharing applications available for free and accessible to all range of users. We offer our software freely simply because we believe in open source projects and freeware – after all, we live in the digital era and p2p file sharing has changed entirely and for good the way we perceive distribution of digital files whether we like it or not.

It gives us much pleasure and motivation to develop great apps that people can use to share content or even contribute to further software development. It’s what this peer-to-peer phenomenon has taught us – give and you shall be given!

TorrentRaptors focuses on bringing, to an ever increasing number of p2p users across the world, easy-to-work-with software that ensure their needs in terms of downloading and sharing online content.

The p2p applications we offer, LimeShare Pro, Torrent Captor and BitHost, have been created to employ modern architecture, simple and smart design and the most useful features for a good file sharing process. They are absolutely safe to install and use!

Use our software confidently and share this with your friends as well!

Copyright Holders

While our company develops and offers file sharing software it does not encourage the distribution of illegal content via the Internet. Please use our p2p programs only for legitimate purposes. We acknowledge and respect the concerns of copyright holders and ask users of these applications and this website to do the same.

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All these products are compatible with Windows 8