TorrentRaptor Products

LimeShare Pro

LimeShare Pro is a p2p file sharing application that uses the Java language and the Limewire architecture to ensure a high-quality experience in searching and downloading for free movies, music and games via the Gnutella networks.

The software uses DRM-free technology (there is no filter to limit your downloads) and optimized speeds to connect you to millions of other p2p users which greatly helps you find and grab any individual file faster and with increased accuracy – so, if you’re looking for certain rare songs, LimeShare Pro will certainly beat most of its competitors.



BitHost focuses on accessibility and overall best control the end user can have. Starting with a very organized, pretty interface where windows, tabs and icons are easy-to-work with, to the downloading data it makes available and the ingenious file-management system, BitHost is truly an ally to any downloader.

It comes with a series of powerful features like multinetwork support, ghost ratings, and a fully user-configurable queue area. Since it connects to multiple p2p networks (Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, and BitTorrent) BitHost helps you search for and find the files you want to download over the Internet with maximum efficiency and speed.


Torrent Captor

Torrent Captor is a file sharing software practical to a wide range of users, a powerful downloading/uploading tool for data over the Internet. It employs the code of the popular Azureus and enhances some of the basic features for an improved functionality.

The program is totally free and extremely easy to install and use – there’s a wizard guide that helps you configure it to the best of your needs. Each of the settings can be easily changed in order to give you the necessary liberty in "playing" with the program's functions. While Torrent Captor comes with three configuration modes you can choose from (beginner, intermediate and advanced) we recommend that you go with the "advanced mode" only if you are familiar with MTU or non-blocking I/O and are an experienced p2p user.


Windows 8


All these products are compatible with Windows 8