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LimeShare Pro Boxshot 190x240LimeShare Pro is a p2p file sharing application that uses the Java language and the Limewire architecture to ensure a high-quality experience in searching and securely downloading multimedia content such as movies, music and games, over the Gnutella networks.

Our software is not bundled with any type of filter to limit your downloads, it uses DRM-free technology and optimized speeds to connect you to millions of other p2p users around the world. Thanks to the increased number of ultrapeers and optimized search results, LimeShare Pro dramatically increases your chances to find and grab any individual file, faster and with better accuracy.

Working discreetly in the system tray, LimeShare Pro provides turbo-charged connectivity to the P2P network and improved configurable settings to allow the user a greater freedom in customizing its client. While downloading, you can listen to your favorite tracks since the program also allows the playing of audio-files thanks to the built-in media player.

We offer LimeShare Pro as FREEWARE, meaning you can download and use it for free. Moreover, users don’t have to worry about complicated windows, frustrating ads or malware because there is none of that bundled in the program!


LimeShare Pro Key Features:

  • Clean & smart interface with multiple search tabs;
  • User-friendly layout;
  • Advanced file searching:  by artist, title, genre etc;
  • Built-in audio-player;
  • 5 Ultrapeer Settings
  • Turbo-charged downloads;
  • Optimized search results;
  • Technical support;
  • Dynamic querying;
  • Gnutella support;

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